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Villa Elisabetta also offers to our four-legged friends the opportunity to spend in the company of their masters and in a family atmosphere, a holiday, welcoming them in a habitat serene and comfortable, featuring two spacious kennels built masonry topped by a wooden structure, covered with shingles, which saves them the summer heat.

The pool is located in the garden of the villa. It is a hot semi-Olympic, has two entrances and a trampoline. Ideal for you to relax and enjoy during your stay. Two levels of depth that allows access to your children. You can sit in the sun loungers on board for ships tub and enjoy the smell and sounds of the surrounding environment.

Maintain your workout while on vacation is now possible. If tennis is your passion you can grow with us during your stay. The structure is equipped with a tennis court clay whose use is free for guests of Villa. The field is open daily from 9:00 to 20:00 and is freely available upon request at reception..

Villa Elisabetta Country House, to pamper its customers even more, and for guests arriving by car can feel perfectly safe and at ease and have no problems of any kind, has an inside parking space. Although there are no custodians, parking is under video surveillance system of CCTV cameras whose villa is equipped.